Thursday, 27 October 2011

SlimPod diary - Week 1

On Thurs I bought a SlimPod from Thinking Slimmer. (You can read more about them here). I chose the Drop 2 Jeans Sizes (or more). I lost 18lbs in about 3 months this year but plateaued and have stayed the same weight for several months. I have definitely lost my motivation, partially as I am quite happy with the size I am now. I know that I could stand to lose more weight to get back into a healthy weight range and that even though I feel alright now, I will feel even better for losing more.

I don't know why SlimPod. I saw a tweet on Thurs that caught my eye and investigated from there. I'm quite receptive to hypnotherapy anyway, having used it to give up smoking, so thought I'd give it a go. For my own record, here is my SlimPod diary.

Current size: 12-14
First Goal: lose 10lbs by Christmas. Be in size 12 properly (I've got a snug pair of jeans that are my yardstick)
Second goal: lose a further 10-14lbs by end Feb, then be able to maintain it.

Thurs: Bought SlimPod. Despite basic instructions it took me 30mins to get it on my iPod. That's due to my own ineptitude than anything to do with the product. Listened before going to sleep. It's less than 9 mins long and I found it really relaxing.
Biscuits eaten: none.
Fizzy drinks: none

Fri: Really hungry today. I tweeted this in passing and got a fairly quick reply from @ThinkingSlimmer, which was nice. I ate when I felt hungry but still ate less than usual and also ate well. Listened to SlimPod twice again . Not sure it will help, but certain it can't do any harm.
Biscuits eaten: 1 chocolate digestive and 1 jaffa cake in the evening. Very impressed I stopped at 1 Jaffa cake. Normally I eat 3, then go back for 2 or 3 more.
Fizzy drinks: none

I also haven't felt like having any fizzy drinks or Coke since first listening on Thurs. Normally I have several glasses a day but am drinking more water instead. Tea & coffee intake has also halved. Unexpected.

Sat: A good day. Scales showing 2lbs lighter since Slimming World weigh in on Tues but I know that can fluctuate so I will see what scales say on Tues. No snacking. Listened to SlimPod twice. Spontaneous Pizza Express dinner whilst out with the kids. I normally have a pizza and doughballs. Instead I ordered from the kid's menu and ate 2 doughballs with salad for entree, half a child's size pizza, and 2 doughballs with Nutella for dessert. And a large glass of red wine. Lovely. I felt nice and satisfied but not stuffed.

Biscuits: 2 small nibbles of a chocolate digestive then I put it down and ate a banana instead.
Fizzy drinks: none

Sun: If Trevor Silvester were my husband I think I would never have sex. As soon as he starts off in that gentle voice of his I'm half way to the land of Nod. Very relaxing. Started to make a bowl of pasta for lunch then decided to have half, and come back for the other half if I am hungry afterwards. Nicely full after initial serving which goes to show how excessive my portion sizes normally are.

I am enjoying the lack of guilt that goes along with this. Not that Slimming World made me feel guilty, but I feel more in control than I have in a long time. I'm not feeling the desire for sweet things as much as normal, so I don't feel like I have to resist anything.
I left about 1/3 of my dinner, even though I served myself less than normal, and 1/3 of Muller Rice. There's still a part of my head questioning stopping eating when I feel full. I see food in front of me and it wants to eat it, but I don't find it hard to say no as I am satisfied.

Mon  stepped on scales again this morning. I should avoid that as I know I can get a bit obsessive. Once a week at Slimming World is enough. Disappointed to see only 1lb loss since Thurs. I know that's stupid as 1-2lb a week is perfectly reasonable and I've only been doing this for 4 days. I guess I have been seduced by all the sponsored bloggers posts of massive weight losses. I need to forget about them and just concentrate on myself. Slimming World eating 80% of the time and listen to SlimPod once or twice a day. Getting active will also help. Got 2 sessions at the gym planned this week. Could do with fitting 1-2 more things in there.
Biscuits eaten: 0
Fizzy drinks: 0

Tues 2lb off at home and at Slimming World this morning. Really pleased as that's just since Fri. My first weight loss for ages and definitely my easiest as I didn't feel any emotional struggle or need to resist at all.
Ate more than I should have at dinner as it was really delicious. Also made a plum sponge cake which I had with some ice cream. Kept eating even though I started to feel full and felt bloated afterwards. Disappointed with myself, but it's early days. I will move on.
Biscuits eaten: 0
Fizzy drinks: 0

Wed a pretty good day. I had a coffee out but wasn't tempted by any cakes, and wasn't remotely tempted when I took the kids to McDonalds. I had a dessert but easily chose the healthiest option and felt satisfied. I had 2 glasses of wine (normally 1 is my limit, but it's school holidays!) which was about half a bottle, but that's fine as I only drink wine once every week or 2. Normally a glass of wine is followed by a craving for crisps or junk eating, but not tonight.
Biscuits: 2 jaffa cakes
Fizzy drink: 0

Thurs Day 7. Scales showing just over 3lbs loss since I started and I'm very pleased with that. The biggest changes for me this week have been the lack of cravings and guilt, and the reduction  size of my portions, and the lack of snacking and fizzy drinks. I haven't been able to the exercise I had planned, but have started getting 10 mins here and there on the trampoline when I can. It's easier than trying to carve out 30-60 mins somedays, especially school holidays.

End of week 1. Roll on week 2!