Monday, 9 January 2012

Meal Planning Monday - 9Jan 2012

Last week's menu went well. I didn't make the beer chicken as my 9 year old wanted to make dinner and since he can only cook stir fry, I swapped it with the Quorn stir fry from this week's menu.

My shopping this week was £58.24. Again, it was higher than I expected due to the size of the pork joint being much bigger than I ordered. Asda still haven't got back to me about that. Honestly, if you can't order a specific size of something, why allow it to be ordered ? Grrr... Still, the pork and beef from last week will get used so it should help to keep Feburary's meal costs down.

Fridge frittata
beef and mushroom pie
chicken curry
chilli & rice
cranberry pork (leftover cranberry sauce from Christmas)
Quorn & noodle veg stir fry

Chocolate chip muffins (ashamed to say these were eaten in 24 hours)
Chocolate cake (husband's birthday)
Anzac biscuits

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