Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Celebrities* We Love To Hate - Alex Reid

I heard yesterday that Alex Reid, he of the Katie Price, cage fighting, super sperm, cross-dressing (phew, he's been busy) fame, has added "ROCK GOD" to his CV with the release of the critically panned acclaimed Stardust. Seriously. It's so ridiculous credible, I can't believe he hasn't scraped this particular part of the barrel before. Here it is, for your amusement entertainment

It's even worse than his ex's effort (are they actually divorced yet)
 Hmmm... men in drag .... did they meet when he was a backing dancer for her?  
Seriously though, singing? I am sure he's as nice as the next guy but why does he insist on chasing fame with such desperation? Is there nothing he is qualified for? I admire his tenacity as far as being self employed. His life looks a lot more glamorous (and certainly involves more high heels) than my self employed effort, which mainly involves me sitting on my arse, writing for other people, and trying not to get too distracted by Pinterest and Twitter. It's fair to say that Alex Reid doesn't annoy me as much as some celebrities*, and I don't actually hate him per se (so he probably shouldn't have been my first "celebrity I love to hate". I am just not sure why he is in my peripheral vision at all. * or fame hungry tossers people who are otherwise unemployable Edited to add: sorry for the poor formatting. Blogger and I are not getting on tonight. Edited again to add cute baby photos