Saturday, 29 September 2012

Random Likings

Phew! It's been pretty busy around here lately. I've seen some great stuff I've been meaning to share for ages and finally, thanks to my son's 5am wake up call (love you, Bear) I get a chance to do it. Dig in.

1.YouTube makeup instruction tutorials
I found this video by Christin Cook and quickly got sucked into watching other makeup instruction tutorials. It's great to try out new techniques and I've been doing my eyelashes like this quite a bit lately, even splurging on my first eye-lash curler (at the grand old age of 38). I think it works best towards the end of the week because I'm a bit sluttish when it comes to removing my mascara properly so it builds up.

There are heaps of other great beauty blogs and tutorials online so it's definitely worth a search if you're feeling a) stuck in a make-up rut and b) procrastinating about starting work and/or clearing out the cupboard under the sink.

    2. James Bond Skyfall

    Due out 26 Oct 2012. Can't wait. Love Bond.

    3. My Slow Cooker

    Fellow Meal Planning Monday-ers will know I love my slow cooker and with the weather shifting into autumn it's getting even more use. If you haven't got one then what are you waiting for?  You can pick a amall 1.5L one up at Argos for just £9.99 at the moment, or a 3.5L one for £11.99. Mine is just your basic bog standard, plug it in, 3 settings job and it's served me fine for years, but you can get fancy-schmancy ones with timers and stuff if you want. I can't rave about slow cooking enough but I will try. It saves time and washing up an you can use it for loads more than just pie fillings, soups and stews.

    There are tonnes of great slow cooking recipes online that use proper ingredients (not just cans of soup) so search around and use the term crock-pot as well. Six Sisters have good tips if you're a slow cooker novice.

    4. Eye bombing ( and
    Humanizing the world, one googly eye at a time.

    Stuff like this makes me smile.

    5. Apple Of My Eye
    We can thank Josie and Rachael for this one. Picking up on their Twitter conversation about the singers in this Claims Direct advert and procrastinating about starting work and/or clearing out the cupboard under the sink (no change there) I found that one of the singers is in London based folk band Apple of  my Eye. I'm not a big folk lover, it has to be said, but I found a couple of tunes and really enjoyed it. Worth a listen.